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Vampire browser games - NEWRPG Feral Clans is a free browser game with vampires and werewolves. You must train your stats: strength, guard, labour and agility.Immortal Night is a vampire based browser game. When you create your character, you can choose between Vampire or Lycan. Vampire vs Werewolf Games | i love WEREWOLVES Vampire Werewolf Games. by Buddy · Published April 1, 2009 · Updated June 5, 2010. Well, just a quick post about a werewolf game (itunes link) available online for the ipod – called Undead Live – Werewolf vs vampire vs. Overlords – it’s an online fantasy strategy game.

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Werewolf, more power and you still get to be human most of the time. Vampires probably couldn't eat regular food and are a lot easier to kill than a large angry werewolf. Plus, the pack would allow for a more tactical approach to getting food then either seducing someone or attacking them in the dark. Vampires vs Werewolves - YouTube an epic battle vampires vs werewolves....vampires doing what they want..vampire kills werewolf's girl...werewolves go kick some vampire ass!! crack it up and enjoy!!! Happy Halloween!! Vampires or Werewolves? - Armor Games Community

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Have you tried our online vampire games for kids? They are bloody good! We don't know how many of you believe in such things, but kids, today you're invited to believe in vampires and werewolfs.

List of vampire video games - Wikipedia

Vampires vs. Werewolves - Battles - Comic Vine Vampires will always be cooler because they are universally immortals !! Not so the werewolf who is mostly( but there are exceptions in the mythos) a living man with a curse. The 10 best vampires in video games | GamesRadar+ Like Hansel, Vampires are so hot right now. True Blood and Twilight are still leading the way for TV and film, while games like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 are bringing the charming, dead folk ... Vampire-Werewolf War | Underworld Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia The Death Dealers prepare for battle. Despite the capture of their creator, the Werewolf race was not completely wiped out and continued to attack human's settlements and silver mines, as well the Castle Corvinus, the main Vampire stronghold at the time, with the Vampires suffering six Werewolf attacks in just three weeks at one point. The best werewolves in video games | GamesRadar+