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best enchantment for utility slot? kpxstar9 Posts: 4 Member, ... Not sure what would be better though if you don't want to use the XP enchantment. ... it just might be the best choice. 0. nectarprime Posts: 0 Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Guardian Users Arc User. May 2013 edited May 2013 Utility slots and stat rigging - Neverwinter Message Board ... Hey guys, Currently I have 5 utility slots, filled with 2x quartermasters, 1x dragon hoard, 1x Fey blessing and 1x tymoras lucky enchantment. Have heard for quartermasters you don’t need more than 1 equipped to receive the bags, but you can equip other gear with more quartermasters enchants while opening the bags to get better things. Who on Earth Approved the Quartermaster's Enchantment ...

The Top 5 BEST Utility Enchantments To Use In Your Utility ...

I just wanted to ask what should i put into my utility slots, as i want the maximum potential to gain rp. Utility enchantment - Official Neverwinter Wiki

Was the enchantment to do this, or did the bonus have to be something different ? As I said before, a lot of people had high expectations about this effect in the Utility Slot, and in the end finding out that just winning just +% more Gold is a little trolling, isn't ?

Neverwinter Enchantment Upgrade Neverwinter - Best Utility Enchantment Setup to Maximize Refinement PointsSoly the Scourge.In this neverwinter xbox one gameplay i talk about the top 5 best utility slot enchantments you can use. Neverwinter Weapon Enhancement Slot , Neverwinter: Lightning versus Dread What Enchantment is Best.Enchanted Minds Is pleased to release your top 5 Armor Enhancement Enchantments for your Great Weapon Fighter Mod 12.5!, Neverwinter best enchantment for utility slot.

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Neverwinter Epic Armor and Weapon Enchantments... |… The Internet’s Best Game Guides.Note: Multiple Tenebrous enchantments stack. Note: The Tenebrous enchantment has a 10 second internalNote: the Tenebrous enchantment only works with offensive slots. Note: The image is for the lesser version, higher ranks add flair to this base look. Neverwinter Enchantment